Connecting Dots

"People need art in their houses. They don't need Bed Bath and Beyond dentist-office art. They need weird stuff."

Ezra Croft, art show producer

Hi. I'm Brooke Gilley, a graphic designer by day & fine artist at night, who LOVES creating!

I remember my first "quality" drawing ( was one of those wooden rocking chairs with a spiral design on the sides). I was fairly young at the time, so when I showed my mom what I made, she was impressed with all the detail. I was proud of myself too and drawing quickly became one of my favorite hobbies.

Throughout school, I took as many art classes as possible. I enjoyed drawing with all kinds of mediums; pencils, pens, charcoal, soft pastels, colored pencils... you name it. I also took painting classes in high school but didn't master those skills until college.

Now, my major in college was graphic design, not fine art. (I was terrified of becoming a "starving artist".) However, we were still required to take fine art classes for the major. For painting, I chose watercolor because it would be the cheapest (and I saw it as more of a "fun class" rather than one to help my future/career). Little did I know, watercolor would soon be my NEW favorite hobby.

I've worked in the design industry since graduating in 2012. Throughout those years I would occasionally paint, but it would be extremely sporadic and sometimes, even feel forced. In 2022, I've done a 180. I find myself wanting to paint and draw rather than be in front of a computer screen. Luckily, I still get to use those skills in my graphic design work, but it's why I started my own side hustle as a part-time artist. Art is my passion and I'm finally confident enough to say that. I'm ready to share my art with everyone.

Connecting Dots
In a nutshell
  • ​Extensive attention to detail

  • Typography & logo enthusiast

  • Compositionally savvy

  • A refined sense of color

  • Talented painter

  • Expertise in drawing too

  • Crafty with my hands

  • Extremely coachable

  • Team player

  • Nature lover

  • Proactive & organized

  • Dependable

  • Notable leadership qualities

  • Unquestionably trustworthy & responsible

  • Genuine & honest

  • Bear new ideas

  • Deliver creative solutions

  • Design freak

  • Actually allergic to nuts​

  • ...Sense of humor