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Hi all. I am Brooke Gilley, a graphic designer & artist, who LOVES creating!

Since graduating from college in 2012 with a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication, I have been working in the design industry in some capacity. My job titles have varied from Production Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Design Intern, Freelance Designer, and even Administrative Assistant. 

In 2022, I started painting and drawing more often and realized I wanted to make more time for this creative outlet. Half way through the year Runningwaterr Creative LLC was born. 

Currently, I work full-time as a Graphic Designer and part-time as an Artist. Both avenues bring me happiness; Creating is my passion! 

Connecting Dots

"People need art in their houses. They don't need Bed Bath and Beyond dentist-office art. They need weird stuff."

Ezra Croft, art show producer

In a nutshell
  • ​Extensive attention to detail

  • Typography & logo enthusiast

  • Compositionally savvy

  • A refined sense of color

  • Talented painter

  • Expertise in drawing too

  • Crafty with my hands

  • Extremely coachable

  • Team player

  • Nature lover

  • Proactive & organized

  • Dependable

  • Notable leadership qualities

  • Unquestionably trustworthy & responsible

  • Genuine & honest

  • Bear new ideas

  • Deliver creative solutions

  • Design freak

  • Actually allergic to nuts​

  • ...Sense of humor

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